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2012 Price Direction, Issues & Challenges:
Global Oils & Outlook: Production and Trade Developments with Focus on Biodiesel and Vegetable Oils
By: Dr. Kerstin Busch

Kerstin Busch has studied environmental engineering and has finished a PhD in civil engineering (Dr.-Ing.) at the Technical University of Berlin. Additional she has a masters Degree in Business Studies, carried out at the University of Applied Science, Berlin, Germany. She has got more than ten years of professional experience in the fields of process engineering, project finance and renewable energies. The last three years she managed the engineering design of several photovoltaic facilities in Germany and Spain and was responsible for the technical supervision (e.g. waste water, exhaust treatment, gas monitoring). Before, she gained several years of experience working for an international consulting company and a German bank in project finance, export credit insurance and environmental impact assessments of large renewable and infrastructure investments. She advised German companies and financial institutions on all environmental issues affecting foreign direct investments and project finance investments in biomass, hydro-power and wind farms. On behalf of the German government she analyzed environmental impact of investments according to the OECD standards (“Recommendation on Common Approaches on Environment and Officially Export Credits”). Since January 2010 she works with ECOFYS as a manager of the bioenergy Unit in Germany with main focus on sustainable biofuels, analyzing the interactions of policies and market factors on international bioenergy trade.
The global biodiesel market has shown an exponential growth in production and trade across the past decade. Nowadays, more biodiesel than ever before is sourced from abroad and procurement areas –especially of large scale producers and traders – span the globe. While this trend is bound to continue, markets and trade developments are still strongly linked to support and trade policies.

Furthermore, the biodiesel industry is strongly linked to other sectors (agriculture and mineral oil industry in particular) and faces significant market disturbances some of which have led to various inefficiencies in the past. Due to the pace of this market development, a methodological assessment and understanding of the numerous influencing factors was needed to reduce uncertainties and risks for those involved. A recently published analysis by Ecofys and the Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University (see Lamers et al. [1]) provided such an analysis. It evaluates how the interaction of domestic policies steered global trade streams towards different markets, in particular in connection to underlying trade policies and additional market forces, over the past decade. It provides robust data on international production and trade volumes which have already served as input to the recently published Special Report on Renewable Energy (SRREN) by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) [2]. This market brochure was commissioned by UFOP to build upon the methodologies and findings of Lamers et al. [1] and to provide a picture of the global biodiesel market in 2010/2011.

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Dr. Kerstin Busch
12 years ago
Dear Mr. Mohamed Ramadan Ghanem, I have to express my appology but I can not answer your question. Our know-how and expertise lays in the trade/policy of biodiesel commodities and we have provided in our presentation data in this field. Unfortunately we have no experience with any destillationen processes. Regards, Kerstin Busch
Mohamed Ramadan Ghanem
12 years ago
Dear, Dr.kerstin we produce white soap by fatty acid distillation but i want produce white soap from oils , if we can do distillation process pls explaine to me?
Mohamed Ramadan Ghanem
12 years ago
if there are oils/fats distillation process no for fatty acid pls explaine to me
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