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Section 2: Special Focus:
Indepth Analysis of the Oleochemicals Market of Turkey
By: Dr. Ahmet Özemre

Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Federal Technical University Zurich Switzerland (ETH) M.Sc. and B.Sc. Chemical Engineering Ege University Izmir, Turkey

BER&AL Consultancy Director 01.01.2017 – Present

Commissioning and Design of Chemical Plants, R&D Projects and Designing Chemical Synthesis R&D support for TUBITAK Projects, Support for government relations (i.e. Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Industry), Consultancy for Oleochemicals, Angel Investor.

KalekimyaDeputy GM 10. 2006 – Present

Approved 7 TUBITAK 1507 (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) projects granted 500.000 Euros.10 Publications from R&D projects 200.000 Euros of Grant taken from KOSGEB (Republic of Turkey Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation) to finance 12,5 KL fully hermetic reactor. Recevied the honour of being the top 50 R&D company by KOSGEB (Republic of Turkey Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation)

Turkey has a booming economy; GDP, reaching USD 830 billion in 2015 (USD 231 billion in 2002). However 40% of deficit spending is directly based on lack of manufacturing chemicals in Turkey. Economic growth forces the consumption of oleochemicals especially for personal care and household care products. Almost all the raw materials are being imported. The potentials of manufacturing oleochemicals for mainly personal care and household care industry will be analysed with consideration of the import of lauric-based oils for applications.

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Questions & Answers (3) :
5 years ago
1) Is there any specific reason why the Lauric acid import from PKO based gradually reduced from 2015 until this year? 2) On Slide 19 (2) : Malaysia and Indonesia are major importers or exporters of Oleochemicals? Please clarify. 3) Since Malaysian origin product has a better tax structure than others, is there any available data on Turkish palm (and its derivative) import statistic specifically from Malaysia? 4) On Slide 24 : can you share those 8 Oleochemical manufacturers name? Thanks
Ahmet Ozemre:
Turkey is suffering from high economical situation. Manufacturers either have stopped manufacturing of decrease their capacity. Results were taken from Turkish government website. Some companies have activities in Both Indonesia and Malaysia therefore there could be double interpretation. 8 companies can not tell
5 years ago
Nur Sophia
5 years ago
Slide 16 shows that the personal care products sales trend is cyclical from 2016 to 2019. It cannot establish a growth trend although you have painted a rosy picture of Turkey’s economy and population is growing year on year. What factors are hampering the market to develop a continuous trend of growth for personal product sales in Turkey. How would you describe the industry. Is it a mature industry where growth is low or otherwise. You forecast sales value to decline in 2019. Any reason?
Ahmet Ozemre:
You are right. Turkey is so dynamic and has a quite young average age. Thus stimulates the sales in personalcare and householdcare products. However, Turkish currency devaluation (nearly 20%) against USD and Euro. Income have not increase that much also war at Syria and conflict of surrounding countries had some impacts as well.
5 years ago
Anthony Yap
5 years ago
On Importation of Lauric Oils statistics, why year 2018 have high import of coconut at 4.276 and PKo drop fom 95.339 to 85.757?
Ahmet Ozemre:
No specific reason. Data taken from government website
5 years ago
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