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2nd Half 2014: Market Challenges, Predictions And Directions:
Malaysian Palm Oil - Moving Ahead to Sustain Production Growth
By: Mr. Ramli Abdullah

Ramli Abdullah started his career as a Statistical Officer at the Department of Statistics Malaysia, then joining PORIM/MPOB as a Research Officer. He was later promoted to Principal Research Officer to head the Techno-Economic Research Unit of MPOB. He is currently the Director of the Economic and Industry Development Division of MPOB. He had a vast experience in research and written a number of papers and made presentations at local conferences, such as Kuala Lumpur Commodities Exchange (KLCE) Workshops, Palm Oil Congress (POC), PORIM International Palm Oil Congress or PIPOC Conferences and MPOB Economic Review and Outlook Seminar. At the international level, his presentations included those at the International Oils and Oilseeds Conference (IOOC), China and technical seminars in Karachi, Pakistan, in Dhaka, Bangladesh and in Vietnam. He holds a Diploma in Statistics from UiTM, Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Master of Arts from United States of America.
Malaysian palm oil production has surged in recent decades and the palm oil industry has been transformed to become Malaysia’s key socio-economic driver. Plans are underway to make palm oil to continue becoming a major growth engine and sustain in future. While undergoing the process of transformation, the industry is facing the issues on labour and land availability that can hinder the sustainability of production growth. This paper will highlight the continuous Malaysian efforts in sustaining the production growth in future, focusing on increasing land productivity, replanting, promoting mechanization and increasing the skill of labour. In addition, the paper will also forecast long-term palm oil production until 2020, the targeted year for transformation of Malaysia into a high income economy.

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10 years ago
10 years ago
Mohammad Jaaffar Ahmad
10 years ago
Dear En. Ramli, I have posed this question to En. Izham "...you (En. Izham) have forecasted/quoted that Malaysian CPO production in 2014 to be around 19.5 million tonnes whereas En. Ramli Abdullah (MPOB), it is forecast at 21.34 million tonnes. This is a huge differences of 1.84 million tonnes which can make or break the CPO price this year. What is your (En. Izham) basis for 19.5 million tonnes ?". In reply, I was asked by him to clarify the differences with you. En. Izham also mentioned that the 19.5 million tonnes quoted is derived based on MPOB data on expected mature area and average yield in 2014. I am confused. What is the official Malaysian CPO production forecast by MPOB in 2014? TQ
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