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2nd Half 2014: Market Challenges, Predictions And Directions:
Palm Oil to Lead in Global Oils and Fats Price Revival in 2014
By: Mr. Mohd Izham Hassan

Mohd Izham Bin Hassan graduated from the Southern New Hampshire University, USA with a Bachelor of Science Degree Majoring in Economics & Finance in May 1990. Having started his career in the banking sector with Maybank, he moved on to join one of the biggest plantation companies in Malaysia heading the insurance unit. Among his responsibilities were the procurement of the group insurance requirement and to ensure adequacy of cover for company’s risk exposure. Due to his knowledge in this field, he was assigned to the committee to set up the Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM) programme for the company. He was also assigned to conduct research on production, compile data on estate land bank and liaise with regulatory bodies on submission of monthly statistics. He has more than 15 years of experience in the plantation industry and prior to joining Malaysian Palm Oil Council, he was the Head of the Statistics Department of a major insurance company in Malaysia. He has presented papers at MPOC organised seminars in Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore. He is currently the Manager, Marketing & Market Development Division at Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) responsible for market movement of global oils and fats.
The price of vegetable oils in 2013 fluctuated wildly as concerns over stock levels, supplies and market demand dominated the market. This trend continued into the first half of 2014 as major vegetable oil prices moved with a range of US$800 – US$950/MT. Crude palm oil (CPO), given its perennial supply and traditional discounts to other vegetable oils, has seen its share of the global vegetable oil market rise and fall in tandem with market sentiments. The price of crude mineral oil has remained consistent between US$100 – US$115 per barrel but is still considered a factor as its price movements would influence biodiesel production.

This paper will show the relationship between the other vegetable oils vis-à-vis palm oil and that palm oil would likely be a push and price leader in prices of vegetable oils for the year 2014.

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Questions & Answers (2) :
Izham Hassan
9 years ago
Thank you En. Jaaffar for your question. The production figure quoted is derived based on MPOB data on the expected mature areas and average yield in 2014. However, to clarify on the difference as mentioned by you, I suggest you contact Mr Ramli Abdullah from MPOB, the author of the other paper.
Mohammad Jaaffar Ahmad
9 years ago
Dear En. Izham, I noted from your presentation that you have forecasted/quoted the Malaysian CPO production in 2014 to be around 19.5 million tonnes whereas in En. Ramli Abdullah (MPOB), it is forecast at 21.34 million tonnes. This is a huge difference of 1.84 million tonnes which can make or break the CPO price this year. What is your basis for 19.5 million tonnes? TQ
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