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Opportunities, Challenges And Trend In 2015 CPO Price:
2015 Global Oilseed Outlook
By: Mr. Bill George

William George is a Senior Agricultural Economist with the United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) and the lead analyst in the Oilseeds and Products Group. Joining FAS in 1988 as a commodity analyst, he has over 23 years’ experience in oilseeds. He is also a member of the Interagency Commodity Estimates Committee tasked with developing supply and demand estimates for the monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate (WASDE) report. Prior to joining FAS, Mr. George was a researcher in crop micro-climates and irrigation with the Department of Water Science, University of California, Davis. In addition to a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics from UC Davis, Mr. George holds Bachelor degrees in Meteorology and Agronomy from Penn State. He also holds a Master’s degree in Horticulture from Penn State with study in plant water use and remote sensing.
Oilseed markets are facing new challenges in 2015. After 10 years of tight supplies and high prices, oilseed markets are bracing for a period of abundant supplies and lower prices. This presentation, derived from the February 20th release of the USDA 2015 U.S. grains and oilseed outlook, examines various factors expected to influence global oilseed markets in the coming year with a focus on U.S. soybean complex supply and demand projections for 2015.

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Questions & Answers (3) :
Azharuddin M Amin
9 years ago
Dear Mr. Bill George, thank your presentation. My question is why the Indonesian bio diesel exports were declined and EU Increased from 2013 to 2014. However rupiah was depreciated to US dollar (strengthening dollar). Does it due to the policies imposed by EU.
9 years ago
Dear Mr. Bill George. Thank you for the information. My question is about the export tax of soybean in the American continent. Given that export tax on oilseeds has a bearing on the cost of oil produced and you are in a region where disparity on export tax on oilseed is wide, do your region ( USA, Brazil & Argentina) oilseed, oils & fats players have regular conflicts and frequently in dialogue. I understand that Argentina has the highest export tax on soybean and that make them a major source of soybean oil for the world. For your comments/views.
Mohamad Raid Majzoub
9 years ago
Dear Mr. Bill George, Thank you for your presentation. In slide # 17 You have mentioned that the Avg Soybean Farm price for year 15/16 is $/Bu 9, and in slide # 14 there is not expectations that there is increase in the planted area, do you think the US farmer are break even or losing at this time? and what is the real farmer cost of Soybean 4/bu.
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