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2nd Half 2014: Market Challenges, Predictions And Directions:
The Palm Oil Price - Prospects for Second Half of 2014
By: Mr. Nandha Nadeson

Nandha Nadeson, is a well known futures trader who started his career trading CBOT Agricultural futures contracts in his early twenties. In 1996, he joined Straits Futures Sdn Bhd Melaka (a subsidiary of RHB Berhad) after the successful launch of the KLCI Index futures contract in Kuala Lumpur Options and Financial Futures Exhange (KLOFFE). He assisted in the formation of the company’s dealing and sales team. In 1997, he was the 1st among his peers to call for a big decline in equity markets in Asian countries. Having made this stint, he joined Maybank Group at the end of the century, to assist the dealing team by giving seminars and workshops for potential clients. He was also given a task to handle and advice corporate and high net worth clients. His articles on the Malaysian Index Futures Contracts were featured in Investment magazines such as Malaysian Investors, The EDGE and Investors Digest. To date, he has invested thousands of ringgits in books related to trading and investments. Besides that, he has also attended seminars and workshops by well known futures traders around the globe. With all this knowledge and experiences, he successfully formed a formidable team with Hwang DBS Group’s Futures subsidiary, HDM Futures Sdn Bhd. His team of dealers and analyst is currently serving over 200 clients consisting of public listed companies, corporate and high net individuals both local and overseas. As one of the most experienced futures trader in Malaysia, Nandha Nadeson has been assisting many of his clients to achieve success trading in futures contracts mainly in Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO).
Market saw prices rising above RM2,900 in the first quarter of the year in anticipation of good demand from the biodiesel and energy industries in Indonesia. However, Crude Palm Oil futures contracts traded in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad has been on a downward spiral, pushing prices to below RM 2300 levels in July 2014. This is a decline of almost 21% in 4 months. The recent low for the active month contract (a widely used barometer) was at RM 2137 on the 26 July 2013. This paper would look into the technical analysis of Crude Palm Oil futures contracts and identify if there is a possibility of another low or a buying support is around the corner.

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Questions & Answers (2) :
10 years ago
Dear Mr Abd Alhameed, there are two possible understanding from your question. Firstly, what is the ratio of speculation vs hedging in Palm Oil Futures market? Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad does not publish any details of speculative or hedging positions by commercial players. It will be quite difficult to ascertain the ratio. Secondly, what is impact of global stock market movement to the Palm Oil prices? Only large movements in global stock markets has profound effect on Palm Oil prices. A rising stock markets could lent support as banks and other financial services may provide easy funding for commodities trading, while big declines in stock market would be negative for Palm Oil prices. In year 2008, a big decline in stock markets globally brought prices of Palm Oil from RM 3600 to RM 1350 in 4 months.
Mr. Abd Alhameed Alselek
10 years ago
Dear Mr.Nandha Nadeson Thanks for the information According to your experience what is the ratio of the stock market Speculation effect on the price of palm oil in the current phase.
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