Palm Oil Internet Seminar

Section 2 : Global Palm Oil Market Focus:
India’s Surfactant Market – Opportunities for Malaysian Palm Oil
By: Dr Rajeev Churi

A) Academic Career: B.Sc. (Tech), M.Sc. (Tech), Ph. D (Tech) in Oils, from ICT (formerly UDCT Mumbai) Certificate course: Advance Management of Exports; CBI, Netherlands B) Professional Career: He has a total of 30 years of professional experience in the field of development & manufacturing of oleo-chemicals derivatives and vegetable oil based lubricants and lubricant additives, semi synthetic & synthetic lubricants, coolants & antifreezes etc. Main area of research work involved bio-based & eco friendly base stock, lubricants & additives and olechemicals based extreme pressure additives & friction modifiers. He also worked as Consultant to prominent business houses including Government of India undertakings and some overseas companies. He has conducted various refresher /training courses for various organizations. He was a visiting Professor for under graduate students covering the lubricant subject as well as a referee for postgraduate & Doctorate students for Oils & surfactant department, Institute of Chemical Technology for last 10 years. He is a Faculty at School of Petroleum Products & Applications, Mumbai; covering topics on Lubricants & additives from Oleochemicals He is a Publisher of Handbook cum Directory on Lubricants He is the recipient of various awards including most prestigious Prof. J. G. Kane award conferred for contribution for Oils and Oeleochemical Industry. C) On board of Directors for following companies; -Sarbi Engineering & WHG Pvt. Ltd -Atra Labs Pvt. Ltd -Savera Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. D) Technical advisor to following companies; -Solvay India -Sarbi Petroleum & Chemicals Ltd E) Positions in various Associations / Trade bodies 1. Oil Technologist Association of India (Vice President- ICC) 2. Indian Home & Personal Care Industry Association ( Past Founder Director) 3. North Konkan Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture (President) 4. Lubricants, Additives, Waxes & Petroleum Specialty Products Symposium LAWPSP ( Executive Member)
Based on demand by key user industry the Indian olecochemical market will be 1.7 million metric ton in volume terms and the surfactant market will be USD 6.15 billions in value terms by next five years, (2022). Palm oil which is one of the largest source of vegetable oil today, will have opportunities to meet not only conventional end uses but newer applications. The presentation describes the growth drivers which will give opportunities for Malaysian Palm oil in Indian oleochemicals and surfactants segments.

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Aliona Zhovtun
6 years ago
Dear Dr Rajeev, What do you mean by Indian oleo-chemical industry is saddled with problem of inverted export tax?
Posted on behalf of Dr. Rajeev Churi. Dear Aliona. Thanks for a good question. Most of the Oleochemicals has zero import duty in India and no export tax in Malaysia or Indonesia while it’s raw materials e.g. Palm Oil or Palm Kernel Oil has high import duties in India as well as it has export taxes in both countries. This is the problem of inverted duties.
6 years ago
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