Palm Oil Internet Seminar

Anticipating 2014 Palm Oil Price Direction:
Palm Oil Price Outlook – First Half 2014 Forecast
By: Mr. Mohamad Suhaili Hambali

Mohamad Suhaili has started his career in Palm Oil industry since 1993 as Assistant Manager in Ladang Tabung Angkatan Tentera, Sabah, Malaysia and Loagan Bunut Plantation, Sarawak, Malaysia under the management of Boustead Estate Agency. Then, he joined private company Perusahaan Binasama supplying material and servicing oil palm plantation in Sarawak, Malaysia, as Business Development Manager. In 2009, he joined Malaysian Palm Oil Council as Market Analyst responsible on monitoring and developing programs for expansion of Malaysian palm oil in Middle East Region. Apart from that, he also involve in economic analysis of palm oil industry and price forecasting. Mohamad Suhaili graduated from University of Agriculture Malaysia with Diploma in Agriculture, Bachelor and Master in Business Administration (MBA) from University Technology Mara, Malaysia.
This presentation covers both demand and supply scenarios of global oils & fats focusing on the demand of key countries and the supply of key commodities in global market. For the demand side, four key countries will be highlighted such as China, India, Europe and USA. For supply side, four commodities’ current development will be explored such as Palm oil itself, soybean oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil. Energy market such as the development of biodiesel market will also be presented as it has a great impact on the fluctuation of global oils and fats prices. Toward the end, there will be a price trend analysis of oils and fats and palm oil price forecast for the first half of 2014.

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Questions & Answers (6) :
Mr. Abd Alhameed Alselek
10 years ago
Hi sir What are the main reasons for the rise in palm oil prices jumped quickly and how it can be expected , what are the factors that affect the price and that will help us to predict such price jumps , which often do not relate to consumption or demand and supply normal
10 years ago
respected sir, very insightful study and very useful for small trader like me in india. dinesh
10 years ago
Some of the weather forecasters expected this year will be the hottest year on record. If this situation prolong until June, production of Malaysian palm oil would be less than 1.4 million tonnes. With further implementation of B5 in Malaysia by July this year and B7 by year end, price of CPO would increase more than RM3,000 toward 4th quarter 2014.
Arun Goyal
10 years ago
Thanks Mr Mushaili What is likely impact on production in Malaysia this year in case there is an El Nino and what is likely impact on prices?
10 years ago
Thanks Mr. Arun Goyal, if we refer to the previous production trend, the production is expected to drop another 150 thousand tonnes in February. But the weather in this first quarter in Malaysia is quite dry. Hence, I expect it would drop to around 100 thousand tonnes only to make it around 1.4 million tonnes of production by the end of February. The dry weather will affect long term lower production. Slight drop expected in March by around 20-30 thousand tonnes.
Arun Goyal
10 years ago
Thanks for your views Mr Mohamad Suhaili Just wanted to know what is the production number for Malaysia for Feb/ March April 2014 you anticipate
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