Palm Oil Internet Seminar

Section 2: Global Palm Oil Market Opportunities:
Myanmar Palm Oil Market – Potential and Challenges of Exporting Malaysian Palm Oil
By: Mr. Myint Kyu

• My parents started Peanuts & Sesame crushing plant in Myanmar since 1956.

• As an Executed Director at First Top Group of Companies since 1991.

• Started international trade including Palm oil import since 1991 as Government allowed private companies to do International trade.

• Company is doing Import /Export, production and trading business . Exporting beans, pulses & sesame seeds, roasted sesame oil, roasted sesame powder , dehulled sesame seeds. Production for all edible oil like peanuts oil, sesame oil, soyabeans oil, sunflower oil and palm olein in comsummer packs for domestic market, shopping bags as well. Also producing bar soap, toilet soap and detergent powder with own brands to local market. Distribution plastic resin and chemical to domestic market.

• Graduated with B.Sc degree from Rangoon Arts and Science University (RASU) on 1975.

• Cec member at Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Umfcci) since 1915.

• Chairman at Myanmar Edible Oils Dealers' Association (Meoda) since 1915.

I will be presenting a power point presentation on Palm Oil Internet Seminar and my topic is Myanmar Palm Oil Market and Potential & Challenges of Exporting Malaysian Palm Oil. I will be presenting on Myanmar’s oil demand & own production, Myanmar palm oil import from 2015 to 2019 and market share of Malaysia and Indonesia in Myanmar. Data on sunflower oil, canola and soybean oil import into Myanmar will also be discussed.

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Questions & Answers (3) :
4 years ago
Dear Dr Mint Kyu Please confirm on the RBDPL import figure total 762k with Indonesia import 704k in bulk and 41k in packaging, with balance of 17k from other origin (?) Thank you
Dear Fency, Please go and see the slide 'Edible oils import by year' Best regards, Myint Kyu
4 years ago
Nur Izati binti Abu Hassan
4 years ago
Dear Mr Myint Kyu, 1. Seems that the quantity of Palm Olein import from Malaysia dropping from 2015 to 2019. What is the forecast for import of Palm Olein from Malaysia in year 2020? In year 2019 we can see the volume is O. Is the situation will continue in year 2020? 2. Please share what is the main application for Palm Oil in Myammar market? In which sector? 3. Please also share what is the factors that can impact the total quantity of edible oil import to Myammar from year to year. Thank You
Posted on behalf of Myint Kyu : 1. If Malaysia continues Form D same as before, then figure will sticks at 0% for 2020. 2. The main application for palm oil in Myanmar are for industrial use and for blending oil due to local produce peanuts and sesame oil prices are about 4 times of imported palm olein. 3. If Malaysia can lifts the fob price mentioned on the form D and try to sell competitive cif price against Indonesia, then can get back the market share to Myanmar. Need to help improve the margin to importers.
4 years ago
George Teh
4 years ago
Dear Mr Myint Kyu, please elaborate on the reasons Malaysian bulk palm olein exports to Myanmar lost to Indonesia since 2015 and effectively wiped out of Myanmese market by 2019. Is it a result of market competition or is it due to politics. Thank you.
Posted on behalf of Myint Kyu : Thank you for reading my power point paper and your question. Regarding to why Malaysia lost market share of bulk oil to Myanmar , that is completely not concern with politics and it is mainly due to Malaysia Form D which issued with current market Fob price. That price mentioned on the form may not be same as the contracted price made between the buyers and sellers. If there any difference occurred our import license price with the Form D, importers will face the difficulties at our custom house import bill declaration process. Indonesia Form D has no price mentioning on the Form which they issue. For your more understanding, Myanmar importers always buying cif from their regular suppliers and mentioned country of origin as Malaysia or Indonesia but must meet specification which we purchased CP8 and IV58 min. Thank you very much on your interesting Myanmar market. Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.
4 years ago
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