Palm Oil Internet Seminar

Challenges, Opportunities And Latest Price Trend:
Growing Numbers of Net Importers of Oils and Fats
By: Mr. Desmond Ng & Ms. Azriyah Azian

Desmond Ng graduated from the Universiti Putra Malaysia with a degree of Bachelor (Science) Nutrition and Community Health. Joined MPOC (then MPOPC) as the first job after graduation, he served as the Technical Marketing Officer before being transferred to Makreting Department as the Market Analyst for Asia Pacific region since February 2002, handling the analysis of oils & fats market on all countries within the region designated.   After persuing his MBA (University of Strathclyde), he was promoted to Regional Manager (Asia Pacific, excluding China) in 2009 to undertake the responsibility of deriving strategies and subsequently promotional and marketing activities to improve greater use of palm products in the region.
With the growing population and improvement in living standard in almost every corner of the world, the demand of oils & fats has witnessed substantial increase in most countries year-to-year. Nevertheless, the requirement of this basic necessity in almost all countries with a few exceptional is unable to be met internally. This resulted in most countries being the net importers of oils & fats. As of last year (2010), only 11 countries were able to feed its population with domestically produced oils & fats. Among these, countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, and Argentina are major exporters with others slowly seeing their export volume dwindled due to increase demand from new sectors with biodiesel being the responsible for the major jump in consumption. In this paper, we will be assessing which are the net exporters that will soon become a net importing country and how demand from these countries could be satisfied. Most importantly, this paper aimed to highlight the important role of the major net exporters and the type of oils produced in satisfying the global demand of oils & fats.

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