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Section 1: CPO Price Trend:
2018 Global Oils and Fats Landscape - Market Trends & CPO Price Forecast
By: Mr. Oscar Tjakra

Oscar Tjakra is a Senior Analyst in Rabobank's global RaboResearch Food and Agribusiness department. He is located in Singapore, and focuses on palm oil and grains and oilseeds sector. Oscar was previously a RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness Analyst with Singapore branch from July 2008 to October 2010 covering various sectors including grains and oilseeds, sugar, cocoa and animal protein. In his most recent role, he was Senior Vice President of Freight Research with Oldendorff Carriers Singapore, where he led global supply and demand research of the grains & oilseeds sector. Oscar holds a Master of Science in Applied Finance from Singapore Management University and Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from Nanyang Technological University.
The world oilseeds supplies have grown steadily in the past decades due to increasing oilseeds planting areas and increasing oilseeds yield. The increase of these oilseeds supplies, excluding oil palm, are driven mainly by increasing global demand for oilseeds meals for the production of animal feeds. As a consequence of this, more oilseeds are crushed for their meals, instead of for their oils in recent years, which adds into increasing availability of global vegetable oils supply.

Assuming normal weather, palm oil production in Indonesia and Malaysia is expected to increase year-on-year in 2018/2019 due to increase in mature palm oil plantation areas in both countries. This will result in rising global palm oil production, providing downward pressure to prices. In addition, global soft oil supplies in 2018/2019 are still expected to increase year-on-year. Availability of these soft oils will provide competition for palm oil demand and curb palm oil price rallies.

The full report will only be available from Aug 06, 2018 onwards.
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