Palm Oil Internet Seminar
Palm Oil Internet Seminar (POINTERS) is a web-based seminar concept where updates on developments in the oils and fats sector will be brought promptly to the industry circles, accessible at the click of a button from their own PC, mobile web or laptop wherever they are.

The idea is to bring about convenience, time and cost savings, as well as meaningful information sharing that connects everyone to the oils and fats industry efficiently and effectively. All papers will be posted on the site for one week and participants will be able to download the paper and post questions to the authors, who have lent their expertise, during that one week period.

Active participation from among the audience is expected to make the Internet Palm Oil Seminars more useful and meaningful. Register now and be the first to take advantage of valuable updates from the oils and fats industry in an innovative way.

Archive Highlights
Updates on Biodiesel Development and Production Forecast in the EU
By: Ms. Maëlle Soares Pinto
In Europe, a few countries became interested in biofuels in the 1990s; however, the EU as a whole became interested in the subject much later – in 2001 –...
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India’s Surfactant Market – Opportunities for Malaysian Palm Oil
By: Dr Rajeev Churi
Based on demand by key user industry the Indian olecochemical market will be 1.7 million metric ton in volume terms and the surfactant market will be USD 6.15...
Global Oils and Fats Outlook - Wrapping Up 2011
By: Mr. Faudzy Asrafudeen
The contribution of CPO by palm oil producers in Malaysia and Indonesia to the total production of vegetable oils in the world has increased considerably in...
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Malaysia's Palm Oil Supply and Demand Updates for 2018
By: Datuk Dr Ahmad Kushairi Din, Mr. N. Balu
The Malaysian oil palm industry showed a sterling performance in 2017. Crude palm oil (CPO) production witnessed a significant increase following recovery from...
Putting Numbers Into Perspectives: Malaysian Palm Oil in the Asia Pacific
By: Mr. Mohammad Hafezh Abdul Rahman
The Asia Pacific region is one of the regions that has promising growth for imports of oils & fats due to its strong economic growth driven by strong...
India's Oleochemicals Market - Potential for Palm Oil
By: Mr. Shashishekhar Lovekar
India is one of the fastest growing large economies in the World today. Its large and rapidly growing Oleochemicals industry depends to a large extent on...
Palm Oil: Sustainable and Responsible Production in Malaysia
By: Mr. Tang Men Kon
Malaysia is home to the world’s oldest commercial oil palm plantings and is currently the second largest producer of palm oil worldwide. The Malaysian...
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Global Oils and Fats Outlook: 2nd Half of 2012
By: Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Yusof Basiron
The total global oils and fats production in 2011 was recorded at close to 180 million metric tonnes. Out of this amount, palm oil production was just above 50...
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