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Palm Oil Internet Seminar
Palm Oil Internet Seminar (POINTERS) is a web-based seminar concept where updates on developments in the oils and fats sector will be brought promptly to the industry circles, accessible at the click of a button from their own PC, mobile web or laptop wherever they are.

The idea is to bring about convenience, time and cost savings, as well as meaningful information sharing that connects everyone to the oils and fats industry efficiently and effectively. All papers will be posted on the site for one week and participants will be able to download the paper and post questions to the authors, who have lent their expertise, during that one week period.

Active participation from among the audience is expected to make the Internet Palm Oil Seminars more useful and meaningful. Register now and be the first to take advantage of valuable updates from the oils and fats industry in an innovative way.

Archive Highlights
Palm Oil Price Trends in Time of Low Energy Prices
By: Mr. Nagaraj Meda
Volatility in veg oil markets continue to be driven by not just supply-demand dynamics but also interrelated with the currency and energy markets given their...
155 VIEWS          •         1 LIKE
Malaysian Palm Oil - Anticipating Better Palm Oil Prices (Production and Stock Analysis)
By: Mr. N. Balu
The paper highlights significant factors contribute to Malaysian palm oil (PO) price movement with focuses on production and stock and its impact on crude palm...
305 VIEWS          •         4 COMMENTS          •         2 LIKES
Dynamics of Vegoils in India
By: Ms. Bhavna Shah
India continues to be heavily import reliant in so far as its vegetable oils demand is concerned. Inspite of various measures implemented by the GOI, domestic...
653 VIEWS          •         18 COMMENTS          •         8 LIKES
India - Major Market for Palm Products and Long Term Outlook
By: Dr. B. V. Mehta
Indian oilseed sector in the country has undergone a paradigm shift with import dependence almost doubling from 5.61 million tonnes in 2007-08 to 11.60...
189 VIEWS          •         6 COMMENTS          •         
Indonesia's Palm Oil Industry - Insight into Indonesia's Export Tax Policies, Palm Oil Fund and Its Impacts
By: Mr. Togar Sitanggang
From four seeds brought to Indonesia in 1848, Indonesia is now the leading producer of Palm Oil in the world with major development of oil palm plantation...
176 VIEWS          •         2 COMMENTS          •         
India Vegetable Oils Demand Scenario - Impact on Global Oils and Fats Prices in The Second Half of 2012
By: Mr. Dorab E. Mistry
In this paper, Mr. Dorab Mistry will review and analyse developments in vegetable oil prices subsequent to the Price Outlook conference of March 2012 in Kuala...
28 VIEWS          •         4 COMMENTS          •         
The Importance of Labour in the Supply and Demand of Palm Oil in Malaysia
By: Datuk Dr. Choo Yuen May, Mr. Azman Ismail
The Malaysian oil palm industry plays an important role in the agricultural development of the country and contributes significantly to the country’s Gross...
96 VIEWS          •         13 COMMENTS          •         1 LIKE
Technical Analysis and Palm Oil Price Outlook for First Half 2016
By: Mr. Benny Lee
The warm and dry weather conditions caused by El-Nino helped palm oil prices to turn bullish in the last lap of 2015. Weak Ringgit also helped the bullish...
313 VIEWS          •         5 COMMENTS          •         4 LIKES

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