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Palm Oil Internet Seminar
Palm Oil Internet Seminar (POINTERS) is a web-based seminar concept where updates on developments in the oils and fats sector will be brought promptly to the industry circles, accessible at the click of a button from their own PC, mobile web or laptop wherever they are.

The idea is to bring about convenience, time and cost savings, as well as meaningful information sharing that connects everyone to the oils and fats industry efficiently and effectively. All papers will be posted on the site for one week and participants will be able to download the paper and post questions to the authors, who have lent their expertise, during that one week period.

Active participation from among the audience is expected to make the Internet Palm Oil Seminars more useful and meaningful. Register now and be the first to take advantage of valuable updates from the oils and fats industry in an innovative way.
Closing remarks by:
Tan Sri Datuk Dr.Yusof Basiron
Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Palm Oil Council
Palm Oil Internet Seminar (POINTERS) 17 – 23 August 2015

We have come to the conclusion of another edition of the Palm Oil Internet Seminar or POINTERS. On behalf of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), I wish to thank all who have registered and participated in POINTERS which was organized by MPOC.

I am happy to note that for this edition of POINTERS, the response has been very encouraging. Based on the number of questions and feedback, I can see that POINTERS is slowly gaining popularity and recognition among the oils and fats fraternity. When we first organized POINTERS, there were less than 200 registered participants and now the number of participants has increased tremendously to almost 3,000 registered participants.

In terms of viewership, this edition of POINTERS had a total of 1,426 views while questions or comments came from participants not only from Malaysia but all over the world. This proves that POINTERS is a program which is much anticipated. With the inclusion of a special section focusing on India in this edition, POINTERS has become even more regionally relevant to those seeking knowledge about palm oil specifically.

There were a number of questions posed to the speakers and I believe that the speakers have responded to your queries. I believe that you have found the seminar to be innovative, informative and thought provoking.

Once again, I wish to thank those who have participated by posting questions and comments. I would also like to thank all the authors who have contributed their papers without whom this seminar would not have been a success. My heartfelt thanks are also extended to our sponsors, Sime Darby Plantation, FELDA Global Ventures (FGV), Bursa Malaysia and Biport Bulkers for their support and their recognition of our efforts through their generous sponsorship.

I look forward to your participation in the next POINTERS, thank you.

Malaysian Palm Oil Council


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Development of G3 Soybean Production 2014
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South America Soybean Production Outlook and Its Impact on the Vegetable Oils Prices
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China's 2015 Oilseeds Crushing Oils and Fats Outlook
By: Mr. Jeffrey Xu
China’s 2014-2015 (Oct-Sep) will see 10% more soybean and 5% less rapeseed crushing, or 1400tmt more oil from beans, and 400tmt less oil from rapeseed, than...
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Impact of Palm Oil Supply and Demand on Palm Oil Price Behaviour
By: Mr. Ayat K. Ab Rahman
The paper highlights the impact of price behaviour on Malaysian palm oil supply and demand and discusses its impact in 2013. The price of CPO is dependent on a...
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Market Trends and Directions for Palm Oil in 2014
By: Mr. Abah Ofon
Standard Chartered...
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Palm Oil Price Analysis and Outlook 2014
By: Mr. Benny Lee
The year 2013 has been a consolidation year for crude palm oil price after it trend downwards since April 2012 when price was trading at RM3,600 per metric...
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Policy Updates - What Will Be The Key Changes That Influence The Oils And Fats Market in 2012
By: Mr. Lim Teck Chaii & Mr. N. Balu
Countries every year commission changes in policy. This is to address intrinsic pressure of a country to develop its economy, improve technologies, address...
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The Palm Oil Price - Prospects for Second Half of 2014
By: Mr. Nandha Nadeson
Market saw prices rising above RM2,900 in the first quarter of the year in anticipation of good demand from the biodiesel and energy industries in Indonesia....
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